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Поставка и продажа натурального камня
Избраное Сравнение Корзина

About us

In 2006 a new project was launched: Cosmos company entered Russian market of natural and artificial stone.
The central idea of the project was "We sell stone - you get quality". It matters for us not what you are buying but how much you will be enjoying what you buy. And we are sure you will.
Our goal is to provide you with service you are worthy of. For that reason we do not work with mediocre material. To come to us means to buy a ticket to first class.
Our team is, first of all, professionals who know the stone, its nature and specifics of working with it; managers ready for an efficient work; designers who bring to life any idea on stone you have been shy to ask of.
There are no boundaries and no restrictions, but only garantees. The garantees of your and our success.
When you contact us you can be absolutely sure that we do not build a sand castle and will not erect a fortress in the clouds - we are always confident in our work, and the Building of Your Dreams will have a solid foundation.
We are young, ambitious and successful! Join in!